"if you do what you love,
you'll never work a day in your life"

- Mark Anthony



I am living proof that this is true!  It sounds so cliché, but everything I have done has led me to this.

I have always loved entertaining (on stage and with friends) + a degree in Political Science (taught me to write, thank you W&M) + 10 yrs years of marketing (from toilet paper to tequila) + MBA in marketing & logistics (Go Bucks!) + 4 yrs of owning a store (Budding Gourmet) + luck, support and hard work = 13 yrs of event planning and Leslie Scotto Events, LLC! 

For pretty much my whole life, I have been the social coordinator.  From watching my mom plan amazing theme birthday parties for us, to college parties for my sorority, to having parties at my house or just gathering friends, I am at my happiest when surrounded by people having fun! Many folks told me that I would be a great party planner...so eventually I believed them, and quit my corporate job and the rest is history!

I am the daughter of a business owner and a kindergarten teacher along with three siblings.  That means I was raised to work hard, appreciate what you get for that hard work, and creativity and expression were encouraged.  I grew up in a true neighborhood community where your neighbors were like cousins and your friends were everything. Maybe that is why every client is like family to me.  I am honored and humbled to be a part of special days that are part of your history. We will often work together for many months (and even years) so it's inevitable that we will get to know each other very well...becoming family.  

I give you my word that I will do everything I can to make all your dreams come true.  I promise that we will have fun and laugh, as well as work hard to make sure your event is what you want.  Even when it is hard to hear, I will always be honest with you and expect the same.  I will always have your back and will always be thankful for letting me work with you.

Let's grab a cup of coffee and plan a party...


  • Leslie was a charter member of the Christopher Wren Singers at William & Mary founded in 1987.

  • Leslie attended Tequila School as part of her job for Jose Cuervo Tequila. A party is serious business and you should be prepared!

  • Leslie designed a triathlon for a company through the streets of its town, literally stopping traffic!

  • To make one party more authentic, Leslie grabbed napkins and condiment packets from all the local fast food restaurants for the buffet. 

  • Leslie has done over 400 parties since she became an event planner - whew!