Your wedding day should be one to remember, not one to stress over. That is where we come in. We will take your ideas and turn them into reality.  Whether you need our assistance with the Day Of Coordination, or are looking for Full Planning and Execution, We will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly and your dreams are brought to life.




Numerous planners won't do "day of coordination", but we DO, and we do many!  We call it an Event Coordinator because it is more than just that day, but it is an important part of making sure you and your family enjoy the day.  You do the planning, design and make all the decisions.  We help ensure that everything you have done works, that your vision gets executed the way you want and that no detail is missed. 

In this case, the bride was super organized and knew exactly that she wanted - romantic and fun.  We helped pull it all together and made sure that all of her DIY elements fit in where they worked best.  Their outdoor ceremony almost didn't happen due to unseasonably cold weather, but just before their start time the sun came out and we switched everything back outside!  A perfect example of how an Event Coordinator truly does make everything the way you want it.

Leslie was amazing! We hired her to help with our “Day Of Coordination” for our April wedding at the Inn at Longshore. It was the best investment ever. My Fiance and I were engaged for over 12 months and when you are a bride, you want to do everything you see on Pinterest. Leslie made it happen and executed everything perfectly. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process and the wedding day was stress-free! Someone accidentally bumped into our cake table during the reception and shattered our ceramic cake topper! I didn’t see it happen, but my family told me Leslie handled the incident like a pro and redecorated our cake using fresh flowers from the tables. It looked amazing! Thanks again, Leslie!!
— Rouby (Bride)

Casandra and Julian called us two (2) months before their wedding for help. If you read the review below, you will understand why it took them so long! Regardless, they were totally organized, super creative and ridiculously handy. The groom made every lantern for the centerpieces, the arch for the ceremony and even their own donut wall! The bride clearly was no slacker in the creativity department either making every sign and every detail. We pulled it all together, gave some advice and then made it happen. The result was a beachside carousel wedding for the ages!

I have to start off by saying; I am the pain in the a** groom that insisted we did NOT need a Wedding planner/event coordinator. I was VERY adamant we could do it ALL our selves, I remember vividly saying “Why do we need to spend that money, I can go the morning of and set it up the way you want it”! I’m sure this is said by most grooms. So I am writing this to the people that “think” they can do it all yourself.. You CAN’T, everything you want done for your day add ups to hours and hours of work when you should be focused on your day and nothing else. I honestly regret being as stubborn as I was to hire Leslie, it was the BIGGEST relief once she came to our rescue! She took care of all the little details we could come up with and the ones we had NEVER thought of (Her experience really shines here!). During our wedding, my wife and I did not have to think about ANYTHING other than enjoying our day. In my opinion (now), you can NOT put a price on her services! Thank you Leslie you are the BEST!!
— Julian and Casandra (Newlyweds)


Who says that your second wedding needs to be low key?  The best part of a second wedding is that you know what you want to do again and what you want to change! We love working with brides who have done this before.  They are decisive and care about the important things.

This amazing couple found each other later in life and are about as in love as a couple of teenagers.  Their spark and romance played out in the romantic pinks and whites that were stunning and even matched her stunning untraditional wedding dress!  A handpicked live band kept the dance floor full all night.  No one wanted the night to end!


This couple wanted a rustic elegant wedding that felt comfortable and warm…for nearly 250 people! The bride is a nurse and the groom is a police officer - two people devoted to service to others who don’t necessarily love being in the spotlight themselves. It was important to strike a balance between honoring what everyone else wanted and what they wanted, and I am happy to say we found it. The mother of the bride was the key to making sure that family traditions were present and she was our key communicator to this busy couple. Kelly and her mom scouted local tag sales for key rustic elements including wicker seating, beer bins and game pieces. The challenge for us was to edit all of the ideas to ensure the elegance they wanted and allowing 250 guests to move throughout the tent comfortably. This was a true collaboration with the caterer, venue, tent company and DJ, resulting in a beautiful night filled with love!

I just read a little of someone else’s review that started off with “I am a pain in the A**, thought we could do it ourselves.” Well they hit the nail on the head. I thought I could too, I started too... but thats just it. I started to but I needed help. Working full time as a nurse and my now husband a police officer, it was NOT feasible. (Even with an extremely involved mother, friends and family) So I will admit that while originally I did not want a wedding planner (because I thought I could do it myself and I didn’t want to spend the money) it was HANDS DOWN the best decision we made. Not only did Leslie save me more $$ than she herself cost she took EVERYTHING I wanted and made it happen. (and was honest about what was not feasible- nothing is worse than a “yes ma’am” but then unable to execute what you want) Our wedding reception was at Burr Mansion in Fairfield and I believe we had the biggest wedding they’ve had yet (270 people) in a tent... we had to add tents and do so much ourselves. Leslie was amazing from the start. She met with us WITH our vendors, came to tastings, florist meetings, tent/rental meetings. EVERYTHING. She was by our side every step of the way. She worked hard to make sure we had everything we wanted, putting our needs first. We had so many special/personal touches incorporated into our day and she helped execute them to the fullest. We couldn’t be happier (nor could our guests- thats a compliment we keep getting—that our personal touches really made everyone feel special) Everyone always says your wedding day is the best day of your life, I was a little nervous that my hopes would be up and the stress of the day and little details would not live up to that expectation. Once again, I was wrong.... it def WAS the best day of our lives... and apparently so many of our guests who are still raving about it. Honestly, if I can offer advice to any new bride to be or groom, it is to GET help. It IS worth it and you CAN’T do it all yourself. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding her service, availability and things she did.... I have a million more things to write but I doubt anyone will read a review this long.
— Kelly (Bride)

classic WEDDING

Colors can be a strong source of inspiration just as much as anything else! What is your favorite color combination? Here the bride's favorite colors were blue and green.  This classic, beachside combination with a bold pop of green played beautifully against the CT coastline.  

Working with Leslie was a real joy! She is so organized and full of wonderfully creative ideas! My daughter’s wedding was simply beautiful, everything she had ever dreamed, and Leslie took care of all the details! It was truly an awesome day!
— Marion (Mother of the Bride)