There are a million reasons to throw a party — Turning a specific decade? Being married for a certain number of years? Retiring?  Moving away?  We could go on!  Let us help make those special celebrations, even more special because you got to have fun with family and friends instead of worrying about the party. 


intimate anniversary

Who says that a 50th Anniversary Party has to be huge?  This client just wanted their children and grandchildren all together on their porch for an intimate dinner.  To them, the family they built was the celebration.

garden party

This event was not for a specific reason other than getting family and friends together, I'd say that's special enough!  It was made even more special by seasonal food and special touches.

under the sea

For one year-old twin boys, we transformed the room into an under the sea experience.  Lighting, succulents and even flying fish balloons completed the look.  Playful and fun to celebrate these little darlings.